The Charité Chiba Collaborative Laboratory for researching Chronic Neuroinflammation (CCC-Neuro) is a joint initiative by Charite - Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Germany, and Chiba University, Chiba, Japan.

A German Japanese Inititative

CCC-Neuro researches autoimmune neuroinflammatory disorders in Japan and Germany.

Chiba University

桑原 聡
Prof. Dr. Satoshi Kuwabara

(Principal Investigator)

森 雅裕
A/P. Dr. Masahiro Mori


平野 成樹
Dr. Shigeki Hirano

横内 裕敬
Dr. Hirotaka Yokouchi

鵜沢 顕之
Dr. Akiyuki Uzawa

Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin

フリーデマン パウル
Prof. Dr. Friedemann Paul
(Principal Investigator)

アレクサンダー ブラント
Dr. Alexander U. Brandt

ハンナ ツィンマーマン
Dr. Hanna Zimmermann


柏原 誠
Makoto Kashiwabara

(International Cooperation)



Dr. Brandt was at the CCC-Neuro laboratory in November 2018 to kick off the joint NICJAGER study. In the NeuroInflammatory Conditions in JApan and GERmany registry study we are prospectively collecting clinical and imaging data as well as biosamples to study pathology an phenotypes in neuromyelitis optica, multiple sclerosis and related disorders. Data collection will …

CCC-Neuro at ECTRIMS in Berlin

ECTRIMS is the world’s largest scientific and clinical conference focussing on autoimmune neuroinflammatory disorders like multiple sclerosis. This year’s ECTRIMS was from October 10th to 12th in Berlin, and here we presented our ongoing research at the CCC-Neuro laboratory. After discussing ongoing peojects in the lab, the colleagues from Chiba and Berlin also experienced foreign …

Karen Otte works on “Objective movement analysis with perceptive visual computing”

Berlin PhD student Karen Otte worked at the CCC-Neuro laboratory on “Objective movement analysis with perceptive visual computing” from June to August 2018. The project was funded by the JSPS Summer Program. Ms. Otte, who is a computer scientist with image analysis focus, compared typical neurological assessments used to investigate motor function between Japanese and …